Peace Pilgrim

If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

End of 2019 was a pretty rough time for me. I experienced a lot of anxiety and I litteraly drowned myself by overthinking things too much. I have to be honest, I was and I’m still an overthinkholic. During these difficult times, I came across a story that I would like to share with you today. There’s a story of two monks, and they are not supposed to look at women. Why? I have no idea. So they both pass a very beautiful woman, and now they have moved on and the first monk has no problem. But the second monk is like ‘I cannot stop thinking about this woman.’ And the first monk says ‘I left her there. You are still carrying her in your mind.’ In a nutshell, we carry thoughts all the time. The first monk had no problem, but the second monk had so much resistance that he could not help it. He was carrying this baggage with him. This was my problem too. I gave too much space to thoughts that were not serving me. Thoughts that would make me feel, bad, sad, guilty and caused me to overthink things even more. Because I know how powerful thoughts are, I’m consciously deciding to only carry thoughts that are helping me and serving me. What about you? Any other overthinkholic out here?

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